All abroad for Classics!

The Hobson Foundation for Classical Studies was founded in November 2000 by Andrew Hobson, Fellow and Lecturer in Classics at Magdalen College, Oxford.

"Over the course of a long career in both secondary and higher education, I have been driven by the belief that a great educator is not simply a superb classroom teacher, but is equally committed to the intellectual and personal development of each student.

I passionately believe in the importance of Classics as a subject which lies at the very heart of our culture and civilisation. An awareness of Greece and Rome, their languages, history and culture, can bring students to a heightened awareness of their own place in society. In our schools and colleges, however, we see stark inequalities in the access which students have to the teaching of Classical subjects.

Reading parties and study tours abroad offer real opportunities for the fulfilment of educational aspirations. At the Hobson Foundation's Study Centre on the Greek island of Naxos we strive to provide an environment where teachers with an interest in Classical civilisation can, with our assistance, tailor their own courses to the needs of their students. The Foundation supports in particular teachers and mentors of young people who come from backgrounds where the Curriculum does not support the study of Classics or where there is little money to facilitate extracurricular activities.

If you have benefitted from the conviction, empathy and insight of a great educator, if you have happy and formative memories of challenges and activities that took you beyond the boundaries of the classroom, then please support the work of the Hobson Foundation for Classical Studies. With your help we can bring aspiration and fulfilment to young people from all backgrounds.

With your help we can welcome
ALL abroad!"

The Hobson Foundation - Charity No. 1085122